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Stay in balance with our selection of supplements blended to support your mind, body, and spirit
Be True to You

Healthy, holistic living plays an essential part in keeping a balanced body, mind, and spirit.

Why MistHill

Enjoy nature’s simplest ingredients, spring water and powerful blends of essential oils and vitamins.

Who is this for anyway?

The benefits of MistHill are for everyone. There are many good reasons to consider a more traditional alternative to meeting the needs of your body, mind, and spirit
We take a more traditional, holistic approach

Not all supplements are created, or processed by the body equally. Supplements and essential oils can work differently for everyone because of different dosages, body weights, digestive processes, and more. While many supplements are already a part of our daily life, how we choose to use them varies a lot. Energy drinks might pack a punch, but for many, the sugar and calories outweigh the cost and convenience. For those choosing to live a balanced lifestyle, the choices are simple: Pharma or Sugar. MistHill was created to change all that. Small enough to be truly mobile, and delicious enough that you’ll want to use them every day, our holistic blends offer you a more traditional alternative to chemically engineered pills and drinks.

Our Product Family

Four powerful alternatives to pills and drinks to keep you energized, connected, and balanced
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Concentration Blend
Our Powerful Focus Blend will keep you grounded and balanced. With ALCAR, Caffeine, and Melatonin, it’s packed full of concentration and brain boosters.
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Energizing Blend
Keeping yourself moving shouldn’t involve a tradeoff. Taurine, Caffeine, B-Vitamins, and locally sourced spring water create the powerful base for this energy booster.
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Coming Soon
Relaxation Blend
Our ReLax blend uses Melatonin, Green Tea Extract, and GABA for a balanced, natural relaxation. COMING SOON!
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Coming Soon
Single Supplements
A New way to take the supplements you know and love. Our ReNew shots aren’t blends; they’re simple mixtures containing only spring water, maybe a touch of flavoring, and one supplement, such as melatonin. COMING SOON!

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