What you get out of anything depends on what you put into it

Different ingredients, better results.


Our mission is simple; offer a no nonsense alternative to the mass of sugary energy drinks (with suspect ingredients) and pill based pharma solutions that works to maintain ALL of you. We start with all the best things nature has to offer:

  • Locally Sourced Spring Water
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • USP (Food Grade) Vitamins
  • The grounding power of crystals

Our Water

It all starts with our water. Locally sourced in Wisconsin, fortune has favored us with knowing someone who happened on a spring right on their property. This spring flows from a natural Artesian source, and has no minerals or fluoride added. Spring water has been valued for thousands of years for its naturally filtered taste, and in some cultures, was even prized for it’s supposed healing and restorative powers.

We think our water, filtered by the earth and untouched by humans for thousands of years until it’s bottled, is the perfect start in creating a balanced energy supplement.

Essential Oils

The power of essential oils to transform our mind state is pretty well known. They are versatile, and can be used in applications from flavoring food all the way to aromatherapy. Some essential oils have antibacterial properties, some can help with skin conditions, or even help to balance your mood.

MistHill uses peppermint oil as its chief flavoring agent for it’s new ReFuel formula, as well as for its added benefits. As an alternative to sugary artificial flavorings and sweeteners, Peppermint oil keeps our products true to our philosophy; clean, simple, and effective.


For many of us, that’s a cup of coffee in the morning, maybe a multivitamin with lunch, an energy shot in the afternoon, or even a sleep aid at night to help us fall asleep. While these aren’t all “supplements” they are ways we alter our body’s natural chemistry to help us achieve our goals.

MistHill uses a blend of USP (Food Grade) vitamins to provide a balanced assist to your body’s natural systems. Far from the overload of many supplements that gives you many times your body’s daily requirement, our supplement blends are intended to give you a gentle boost that will be effective, but not overly effective. Our goal, as always, is to give you all of what you need, and none of what you don’t.


We package our products with a small piece of crystal in each bottle. For our new ReFuel formula, we use citrine, the “success stone”. Crystals are all about the Earth’s energy, and represent thousands of years of growth to become what they are today.  We want to bring the energy of that growth to you each and every time you enjoy one of our products. We think it’s a powerful way to include the energy of the natural world in all of our MistHill blends.

The result is a series of products that can deliver the same energy, relaxation, and focus that over the counter products offer, but offer it in a way that nourishes all of you without the additives, unnecessary byproducts and potential side effects.